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Kortel Harnesses

These harnesses are known as the premier paragliding harnesses because of their unique design and exceptional comfort.

Unlike other harnesses, Kortel's design enables you to control weight shift through the leg straps thereby keeping the glider within DHV specs.

Made for the uncompromising pilot who likes to spend many hours in the air, the result is a perfect combination of posture, comfort, weight-shift, and protection.

"Pleasure in all position" - For the cross country pilot
who wants comfort and security above all.

"The Killer Instinct" - A racing harness designed
for high performance and competition flying

Instrument Holder

Variable capacity
Ballast/Instrument Holder

Outdoor Fleece

Slide Jacket

Slide Suit







New: Matte -
red, black, and blue





New: Air Control

  • Charly Insider - Superb visibility, exceptional comfort, and incredibly light weight, these are the most popular paragliding helmets worldwide. Made of high quality fiberglass and Kevlar and available in 6 sizes and a variety of attractive colours.
    Mono Colour $295 Cdn
    Matte $310 Cdn
  • Charly Insider - Simple, certified and effective $160 Cdn

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL = 54,56,58,60,62,64 cm. head circumference


4Flight Full Face

4Flight Jet

4Flight Full Face - Cut

4Flight Jet - Cut

Iguana (carbon)

SR Plus (carbon)

SR Plus (blue)

SR Jet

  • 4Flight - Icaro's newest helmet on the block. Hugely popular and ultra-cool, these are difficult to keep in stock. The "cut" series is preferred by some paraglider pilots where the long tail might disturb them when they look up at the sail.
    Carbon Optic $477 (includes visor)
    Electric Blue and Titanium $450 (includes visor)
  • Iguana - Super light helmets specifically designed for paraglider pilots. One size fits all. Visor and ear protectors are options.
    Carbon Optic $250
    Titanium $230
    Visors red or smoked $48
  • SkyRunner Plus - Icaro's most successful helmets line. "Visor ready". You can buy the visor now or later.
    Pearl White $349
    Blue Velvet $397
    Carbon Optic $413
    Visors clear, tinted or mirrored $48
  • SkyRunner Jet - Kevlar, Carbonium, Fiberglass construction, 1.5 lbs, White only $245


Radio Harness - Access your radio with ease.
Large front pocket for camera, spare batteries, etc. $75

Stuff Bag - Cinch it up and quickly fold all your gear away.
Comes with shoulder straps. In regular or light weight XC version. $148

Blue Thermal Paragliding also offer the complete range of Supair products.
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