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Do you want to fly?

We have the knowledge and the resources to help you get in the air. We only work with the finest HPAC certified instructors throughout the country. No matter where you live, we will find you an instructor with whom you can fly. We offer tandem flights as well as complete instruction toward your solo pilot's certificate.

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Tandem Flights

Solo Courses

Tandem Flights

The easiest way to get a taste of paragliding is to go for an instructional tandem flight with a tandem pilot. As a passenger you have little to worry about and can sit back and enjoy the scenery. You will be amazed at how incredibly serene and peaceful free flight is. The flight can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the weather. We only fly if the conditions are good, and you only pay if you fly.

Paragliding is about the easiest form of aviation to learn. After a briefing explaining to you the procedures of launch and landing, in just a few short steps you and your instructor will be airborne and flying like a bird. The thrill and exhilaration of your flight will be something you will remember for the rest of your life.

We offer tandem flights near Whistler, around Vancouver and the Frazer Valley, and on Vancouver Island. But no matter where in British Columbia you are, we will find you a pilot with whom you can fly. All tandem pilots are instructors as well and are certified by HPAC (Hangliding and Paragliding Association of Canada).

No experience is necessary but some age and weight restrictions apply. Introductory Flight: $150

Come and experience what it feels like to be as free as a bird!    


From this...

...to this...

...requires the right instructor.

In order to enjoy flying for many years to come, it is important to learn to paraglide from experienced and certified instructors. We at Blue Thermal believe that learning from a variety of instructors at different stages of your flying career will help you gain the widest possible experience. That is why we have a number of independent instructors working with us all over British Columbia. In every case you will be under the guidance of highly qualified instructors who will teach you what you need to know about flying and help you obtain the certification you require.

All the instructors are HPAC certified.

Courses offered:

Novice Rating

  • 30 supervised flights
  • Flight test
  • Written examination
  • Two hours airtime


  • 80 flights above 250 metres or 40 flights above 250 metres & 40 flights below 250 metres of 10 minutes or more duration
  • Ten inland flights
  • Five different sites
  • HAGAR examination
  • Ten hours airtime
  • Basic first aid recommended


  • 150 flights
  • 10 km cross-country flight
  • Written examination
  • Fifty hours airtime
  • Basic first aid recommended
  • Advanced manoeuver clinic recommended

In addition to the above courses, we can also refer you to a qualified senior instructor who will help you obtain your Instructor or Tandem rating. Please contact us for rates and schedules.    

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